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Gorgeous Foodie Print Bowls

October 24, 2007


I don’t have any smarties, olives or crisps in the house right now, because if I did I would immediately proceed to scoff the lot.  But I am absolutely desperate to entertain so that I can buy some of each and display them fetchingly them in these gorgeous foodie print bowls.


Mikan Lip Gloss

October 11, 2007

I’ve always been obsessed with things that look like food, but aren’t.  When I was little I remember the family had quite a collection:  my father used a bookmark that looked very much like a rasher of streaky bacon; my mother had a notebook that looked like a cracker with Swiss cheese and a key-ring that appeared to be a slice of tomato; I had pens that looked like a half a peeled banana and a crinkle-cut chip.  In that light, I feel compelled to share a super souvenir I received from a Japanese student of mine.  I absolutely love it!  Mikan Lip Gloss is extremely cute and useful, and can be bought at Kawaii from Japan.