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Beautiful ‘Blue Tea’ Fusion Dessert at Yauatcha

February 4, 2008


Yauatcha (café)
15 Broadwick Street
Reservations: 020 7494 8888 

Why?  Chika and I tried in vain to get tea and cake on a Saturday some time ago.  They wouldn’t let us in for such a paltry order on a weekend, so we had to come back on a weekday.  Tiresome, but I have been seriously yearning to sample the square, sky blue concoction from the tantalising display of multi-hued cakes, decorated creams and mousses.  Indeed, never before have I eaten a food that is a) square and b) blue. 

When?  Friday 1st February, 4.30pm.  Lots of tables available, naturally. 

Impression:  Fish tanks always impress me.  And the cool grey minimalist interior lets the glass display case of vivid sweets and flamboyant macaroon selection really shine.  How on earth do they get macaroons that colour?  Their lurid hues are not of this earth, yet their dissemblance to real food is oddly compelling.


Prices:  The sweets are £4 – £5ish, pots of tea to share start from £4.  Macaroons are £1 each or 6 for £5. 

Service:  Attractive, oriental type waitresses hang around in minimalist white outfits with odd Chinese-print bumstrap things.  I thought the waitresses were essentially cute and polite, but they do basically ignore you: putting in an order required much flailing of arms and hungry grimaces. 

Description of food and drink:  The velvety blue coating of the Blue Tea sweet enrobed a silky blue-tea flavoured mousse.  Hidden within the mousse was a jammy confit of blackberries, and on top there was half a blackberry and a thin, printed white chocolate triangle.  It was lovely, best eaten slowly but not too sweet.  Chika had a Melon Tiramisu which was sweeter and sharper.  The tiramisu was encircled by a thin white chocolate case, printed with a green bamboo motif… it looked like plastic – but happily didn’t taste like it.  A pot of steaming Dragon’s Well Green Tea (which the menu explains, with great exactitude, is from Sanshia, Taipei, Taiwan) went down very nicely – it was delicate, and not at all bitter. 

Toilets:  Nice black oriental chic waterfall sink that you feel concerned about contaminating (by actually using it).  Inordinately heavy black wooden doors work against your entrance, but once in it is pretty clean throughout.  

Come again?  A clever choice for entertaining friends visiting London, it’s central and ideal for a break from shopping.  Make them think that you lead a very ‘Sex in the City’ lifestyle.  Not on a weekend though.  I’d really like to try the well-recommended dim-sum – perhaps downstairs in the underground, starry-ceiled restaurant area.


Banana Toffee and Raspberry Caramel Infusions

October 26, 2007


I know, I know, they sound simply vile, don’t they?  But they’re not, I swear. Well, if you like that kind of thing… which I do.  I picked up the Banana Toffee infusion in Wholefoods from their extensive collection of exciting teas and brews in a kind of ‘hee, hee get a load of this’ way – however was then compelled (by Tito) to purchase it for a thorough investigation at home.  The ingredients are:  honeybush, cinnamon, liquorice root, pineapple, natural banana flavour (5%) and natural flavour (5%) – so slightly less than pure, unadulterated plant material seems to be in there, but hey, it’s a heck of a lot more diet-conscious for satisfying a sweet tooth than, erm, a toffee banana?  I also grabbed the Raspberry Caramel one yesterday, as I had to make a trip to High Street Kensington anyway to get the security tag removed from my *fabulous* party dress purchased on Sunday at Oxford Street’s swarmingly busy Topshop (glad I noticed beforehand – ‘shoplifter’  was not the image I’d hoped for on my 30th!).  But I digress.  The Raspberry Caramel infusion is delish – creamy and sharpish and very, very strongly scented.  They both looked so nice perched on the table in Wholefood’s lovely café area, looking out on the high street.  I sat there as I lunched on a selection from the hot buffet.  That meal is a different story, and is as yet too painful to recount.  I have satisfied my curiosity regarding the hot buffet – and my advice is DON’T.  EVER.  Do yourself a favour, and buy some unusual infusions and lovely teas instead.