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Domino’s Pizza

October 8, 2007

We’ve lived about two minutes away from a Domino’s pizza for two years.  It’s vastly popular, with an army of  Brazilian moped delivery drivers stationed outside smoking and chatting – ready to whiz the hot pizza to its destination.  Living near Fulham Broadway there is no shortage of competition in the area; there must be at least five other pizza places within walking distance, yet, Domino’s retains its popularity.  Finally swayed by a combination of lack of time to cook before going out and the mighty persuasive advertising on The Simpsons, we caved.  For the first time in London, we had take-away pizza.  We chose two small (9.5”) pizzas, as the second was half price.  Each pizza was cut into 6 small slices and had an average of five or six standard toppings.  The cost?  £17.04.  That’s right, seventeen pounds and four pence!  $35 for two smalls – do you reckon they charge that much in the States?  I think not.  The profit margin for this cheesy bread must be through the roof! 

The pizza was pretty tasty.  The toppings were not too objectionably sparse.  The pizza was, ever so obligingly, cooked fresh for us.  Delivery would have been free.  But that exorbitant price guarantees we will never, ever eat Domino’s pizza again.