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Pinchitos (Pinxitos!) – Tiny open-face sarnies

January 3, 2008


Catalan has proved to be somewhat of a nuisance for me with its funny ‘X’s and French/Portuguese/Italian nuances… my Spanish is not yet so good that it can nonchalantly handle the challenges of these new inflexions and rather mysteriously spelled words.  The one thing I have grasped in Catalañ, though, is that ‘x’ sounds like a Spanish ‘ch’.  Pinchitos, are, well, little things you erm, pinch?  Lovely little open-face sandwiches, in fact, skewered through with a toothpick.  In restaurants serving these it is awfully easy to entirely fill yourself up, I have discovered, by noshing many of these before your main course.  They tend to cost €1, which is not bad considering the generous toppings.  Pictured are bombas (fried potato dumplings with a meaty filling), punchy chistorra sausage, black caviar paste with anchovies, and a nice cheesy pizza thingy with a perky jalpeño on top.