Churros – naughty, illusive batter sticks


I had been dying to try these calorific deep fried batter sticks, which are rolled in sugar and then dunked in a thick hot chocolate drink to eat, but hadn’t been able to find them anywhere.  I recall on my last trip to Barcelona I tried to find churros in the centre of town, as I did again this time, but likewise to no avail.  They seem like the ideal tourist draw – they are traditional, instant, filling and very cheap to make – not sure why no shop on La Rambla has cottoned on… Anyhow, last night a frost was setting in, but we wrapped up regardless, and went out for a local stroll to Igualada.  Just about the time I was beginning to lose all feeling in my thighs (my jacket’s short) we came across a stall selling the illusive churros!  They were just amazing, freshly fried, steaming, and washed down well with the tasty hot chocolate.  The experience reminded me of a couple years ago when we came across a donut stall when freezing in windy Liverpool town centre – hot, sugary dough in the cold – heaven!


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One Comment on “Churros – naughty, illusive batter sticks”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yummy! I’ve had them before too – they look like little turds (well, the dark ones anyway) but they’re lovely aren’t they!

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