The Chinese Experience Shock


There are a few reasons for the sparse entries of late, most of which have passed.  My 30th birthday caused considerable distraction, as did visitors from the States and a 3-week long case of the dreaded lurgy.  Furthermore serious harassment (talcum powder and toilet paper all over our cooking implements, for example) from our crazy housemate Captain K has monumentally distracted from my desire to be in the kitchen.  We are hoping he’ll be out soon, but in the meantime, we are enjoying restaurants more than ever before! At Chinese Experience (Shaftesbury Avenue – closest tube Leicester Square) the staff greet you with the kind of beaming smile so rare to find in Chinatown.  They’ll sweep you pleasantly through to seating that is a little cafeteria-like, but try not to let that put you off.  There is a special menu that is currently (still!) 50% off before 4.30pm Mon-Fri – this means that the gorgeous selection of Dim Sum is a total steal at £1.30 – £3.20 per dish of 2-4 pieces.  Pictured above is the devastating Prawn Chung Fun (white, slimy bliss featuring lovely big prawns) and the unrivalled Peking Ravioli in Chilli Sauce (a hot, sweet, fresh fusion taste – I always insist on ordering one portion entirely for myself).  I also highly recommend the Pan fried sweet potato cakes, order these for dessert after you’ve finished the main course and they will come promptly – hot, sticky and crispy-skinned to the table.  Top Tip: If you turn the teapot lid upside down they’ll bring you a steaming fresh pot of Jasmine tea too.  Just don’t do what I did and dodge out to the ladies leaving the husband to pay – he pocketed the much-coveted 20% off card (good anytime – though understandably not in conjunction with the lunch deal) that came with the bill! 

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2 Comments on “The Chinese Experience Shock”

  1. Mike Says:

    Oishi-so! Can you recommend any good ramen shops around that area please?!

  2. foodieblog Says:

    Mike – I just can’t find any good ramen in London. Zipangu isn’t bad, but not all it should be. Thanks for reading!

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