Banana Toffee and Raspberry Caramel Infusions


I know, I know, they sound simply vile, don’t they?  But they’re not, I swear. Well, if you like that kind of thing… which I do.  I picked up the Banana Toffee infusion in Wholefoods from their extensive collection of exciting teas and brews in a kind of ‘hee, hee get a load of this’ way – however was then compelled (by Tito) to purchase it for a thorough investigation at home.  The ingredients are:  honeybush, cinnamon, liquorice root, pineapple, natural banana flavour (5%) and natural flavour (5%) – so slightly less than pure, unadulterated plant material seems to be in there, but hey, it’s a heck of a lot more diet-conscious for satisfying a sweet tooth than, erm, a toffee banana?  I also grabbed the Raspberry Caramel one yesterday, as I had to make a trip to High Street Kensington anyway to get the security tag removed from my *fabulous* party dress purchased on Sunday at Oxford Street’s swarmingly busy Topshop (glad I noticed beforehand – ‘shoplifter’  was not the image I’d hoped for on my 30th!).  But I digress.  The Raspberry Caramel infusion is delish – creamy and sharpish and very, very strongly scented.  They both looked so nice perched on the table in Wholefood’s lovely café area, looking out on the high street.  I sat there as I lunched on a selection from the hot buffet.  That meal is a different story, and is as yet too painful to recount.  I have satisfied my curiosity regarding the hot buffet – and my advice is DON’T.  EVER.  Do yourself a favour, and buy some unusual infusions and lovely teas instead.

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