Planet Organic Bans Plastic Bags

Popping into my local Planet Organic this morning I was super chuffed to read a sign in the window stating that they are not going to distribute free plastic bags anymore, and will only give out a biodegradable option at 4p, or sell thicker cotton bags to customers.  Why doesn’t every shop follow suit?  People will remember to bring their own bags if they are charged 4p for each one when they forget.  I simply cannot understand why people think it’s their right to get plastic bags at all. 

It seems to be the same all over the world with plastic bags, even in poorer countries where people consume so much less, bags are still a menace.  They still use plastic bags like they are going out of style, just flimsier ones.  This plastic bag addiction is plain to see in Chiclayo’s desert region.  Anything that can be consumed is eaten by stray dogs, everything that can be recycled is picked out by desperately poor dump scavengers, but the once-used plastic bags are entirely useless and free to blow across the desert and become entangled in scrub, flapping in the wind indefinitely.  It ain’t pretty.

Picture of desert mountains on the outskirts of Chiclayo. Taken 2007-05-15 in Chiclayo, Peru by traveler DJTWISt0.

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