Make Time to Have Lunch

One of the many reasons I decided not to become a teacher?  Honestly?  The fact that most teachers I met didn’t seem to have time to eat lunch.  Untasted cups of tea sat quietly steaming away during break as teachers hurriedly checked important ‘A’ level essays; sandwiches were sadly and unselfishly pushed aside to run lunchtime activities or supervise detentions; chips were noshed in famished desperation at the pub after school to make up for those missed meals. 


I, as a training teacher, often did escape to the staffroom which had the luxury of a sink, fridge and microwave.  I felt quite guilty for wanting to savour my midday meal uninterrupted by frequent knocks at the English office door and the startling slams of lockers being tipped over in the corridor.  As an observant fellow staff-room user correctly pointed out – the making of my lunch was a special ritual involving little tupperwares of the correct amount of seeds and seasonings, tiny bottles of homemade dressings and sauces, and boxes cleverly sectioned to keep various ingredients separate and fresh.  Another teacher pointed out, awestruck, that I had the best-looking salad ever.  She was possibly right. 

Simple pleasures are what I live for.  And the joy of lunch is non-negotiable.

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