Life is Like a Menu

I love perusing menus.  It’s thrilling to scan the list of available dishes, and linger on the tasty, steaming images the words bring.  The anticipation is fabulous.  The problem is I am so utterly indecisive.  Although I savour the language of menus, I definitely prefer a short menu to a long – it’s much easier to use the process of elimination.  Plus if the menu is extremely lengthy I am always a little bit suspicious:  how on earth can they provide so many things all of the same high quality?  Do they have some kind of food replicator in there, or what? 

Ordering in restaurants causes me excruciating part.  I just dread when the long-suffering waiter again approaches the table with vain hopes of taking the order – just a few minutes more please – and the mind again races desperately over the menu.  I quite fancy the steak – but what if it’s chewy?  Oo, sardines!  Fish would be healthier.  Can I manage a starter?  NO, I shouldn’t… what’s for dessert?  I never know whether to try something new or stick with an old favourite. So, when it comes to ordering… my pleasure of the restaurant experience ceases entirely for that breath-taking moment. My heart beats in my throat as I pick something randomly from the endless options I had considered, not knowing if it will live up to expectations… or surpass them.

Life, it seems to me, puts us in the same position.  There are so many choices.  How do you know that it would be better to do what you’re doing, and not what your friend is?  Even if you choose based on someone else’s recommendations, you still may find it’s not to your taste.  Exciting though it may be to look at all the options of what’s available, you eventually have to choose.  If you delay, you may miss out, there may not be enough, or it may have gone cold.  The selection you make is often purely arbitrary and the result unpredictable.  After all, who could have known that the ramen would be so poor and the tempura so good until they tried it?

The key is to try it.  You can’t know what something is like until you’ve tried it, no matter what you’ve been told or what it appears to be like.  To live fully, try absolutley everything on the menu at least once, I say. 


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